Our Approach

Right Product, Right Time, Right Page


Just as Skype did to communications, mySQL to Oracle, and SalesForce to CRM – nToklo is changing the Personalisation & Recommendation market with its easy to install and consume Recommender.


We provide Product, Media and People recommendations as a Service.


Our world class technology and SaaS platform provides every online retailer with a level of functionality, flexibility and scalability that used to be reserved only for the Corporates; M&S, Walmart, Amazon and eBay.


nToklo provides the next generation of recommendation technology and solutions, leapfrogging competitors with its ease to install, performance, scalability and flexibility without any of the usual cost, lead times and complexity.


Unlike our competitors:

  • We keep everything simple, and in plain English.
  • We only get paid when you increase your revenues. Check our pricing here.
  • We don’t do lengthy implementations or expensive consultations.
  • Our specialist engineers are ready to guide you through a simple 1-2-3 step installation, and much more when you want to plug in recommendations.
  • Sites can be up and running in 15 min (yes, really!).

Recommendation technology used to be expensive and complex – not anymore.


nToklo makes it simple, risk-free and affordable for companies of all sizes.


Although technology has become simpler, more powerful and easier to use, our competitors prefer you didn’t know. The industry’s behemoths will continue claiming that you need significant resources (translation: budget) and technical complexity to deliver good results.


We disagree.


We have built the next generation suite of Recommendation Products, as a SaaS Platform, complete with easy to use Developer Tools and APIs. We, deliver the outstanding results of the large and costly platforms of yesterday, without any of the time, cost, hassle and complexity.


Which means, now everybody (big and small online businesses) can receive the same benefits (and profit) from Recommendation technology.


Don’t be fooled by the old guard; contact us, or just try us (it’s free to install and use) and see how new technology is changing the game in your favour.